The Cold and Flu Handbook

The temperature is dropping, as are the leaves, signaling the start of another cold and flu season. It’s probably time to make that trip to the drug store to stock up on all your cold and flu essentials.

But while vitamin C, Echinacea and other well-known vitamins, supplements and remedies get all the fan fare, you’ll probably be surprised to learn that none of these may be the best solution for your health. In fact, the solution to your health and general well-being may actually be found in a substance found all around you.

Read our Cold and Flu Handbook to learn more about this underrated substance and find other strategies to help you get through another cold and flu season.

The Cold and Flu Handbook

10 Simple Secrets to Happiness

Happiness, that elusive feeling we all search for, but do we even know what it is. So how come it seems some people have it and some people don’t. Can you buy it? Is it somehow inherited? Does it matter where you were born?

Read our “10 Simple Secrets to Happiness” report and hear some thoughts on these questions and more. Use this guide to examine how you feel about your own happiness and discover what might be getting in your way.

You won’t find any magic bullet here, but if you are open minded and are willing to put some work in, you may find that what is discussed gives you a new perspective and helps you begin to unlock the key to your own personal happiness.

10 Simple Secrets to Happiness

How To Temper Your Body With Cold Water

Imagine getting into your bathing suite, wading out into the snow and jumping into ice water. For fun. It sounds weird at best, downright insane at worst. However, it is in fact a health treatment, and one that is gaining a fast following all across the world. It is not insane, it is healthy.

In a world where the population is growing overweight and lethargic with bad skin and hair, arthritis, and other conditions, it is interesting to note that these are remarkably absent in cold-water enthusiasts. Not just absent but they tend to instead be quite the opposite. Science has shown that cold water swimmers in fact have more energy and longevity.

So what is the secret?  The secret is in the water. Exposure to cold water does a number of things for us from producing endorphins to increasing our circulation and immune system.

This guide will explore the health benefits of cold water swimming. Explaining the general, as …

Shop for Organic Foods Without Breaking Your Budget

We all have heard the buzz; healthy organic food is the way to go.  If we want to have healthy bodies and minds, then we need to make serious lifestyle changes.  The most important of these changes is in what we eat.

On the way out are the highly processed foods filled with chemicals and pesticides and additives of all sorts.  Instead, the trend is switching to the healthier alternatives, organic – pesticide free foods.  Our bodies are machines and if we want to stay functioning, we have to have good fuel.

However, eating healthy has its cost – namely in the pocketbook.  Organic foods can be expensive and often it seems like the processed chemical ridden food is the only food that we can afford.  This may seem especially true in the current troubling economic times when everyone is just trying to stay afloat.  Nevertheless, this does not have to be the case.

This guide contains helpful tips and …

Naturally Healthy Pregnancy and Baby Guide

Pregnancy, while a miraculous and beautiful thing, is also fraught with dangers for mother and child.  Everything from the foods you eat to the sleep you get will have an impact on your child’s health.  Some of these impacts can last a lifetime such as learning disorders and autism.  Naturally, you want to do everything that you can to avoid these problems – and you want to do them… naturally.  Pregnancy is a natural process and requires simple, natural steps to avoid health problems for both mother and child.

This guide will assist you by giving you simple and natural steps to take to ensure a healthy child.  Everything from the foods you eat to what you need to avoid is covered within this guide.

Learn about the substances in your own home that could hurt your unborn child and how to replace them with natural alternatives.  Learn the best supplements and foods to take and which ones to avoid.  …

How Food Affects Your Behavior

Are you tired, upset, and depressed?  Are your children hyperactive and attention deficit?  It is possible that your behavioral problems are linked to the very food you are eating!

For most of us, or diets are rich in sugars, chemicals like MSG, and other additives.  The very substances that supposedly help, are in fact quite bad for us – find out why and what you can do to restore you and your family’s health!  Learn why you feel depressed after you eat a big, sugary meal of over processed foods.  Learn the chemicals to watch out for in potentially toxic foods and medicines.  Moreover, learn what you can do to reverse the damage.

This guide will teach you what to watch for and explain how the foods that we are eating can cause or worsen the very diseases we are fighting against, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Learn what foods may be at the bottom of your child’s hyperactive behavior and …

7 steps Guide to Natural Menopause Survival

Hot flashes, mood swings, depression.  Are these becoming the normal pattern of your life?  If so, you could be experiencing the early stages of menopause.

Menopause affects millions of women every year, millions of women who struggle with the symptoms on a daily basis, searching for a way to make it all better.  Menopause is not a disease however; it is a natural state and should be treated as such.  What that means for you is that your best cures are going to be natural ones.  Natural cures carry a lot of stigmatism and confusion however.

This guide will clear up that confusion and give you simple, effective, steps you can take to reduce and eliminate the symptoms of menopause.  There is no need to suffer when all the information that you need is right here at your fingertips.

Grab the guide now and learn the secrets of natural treatment, the dangers of hormone replacement therapy, and the supplements that …

Supercharge Your Immune System

What do “man’s best friend”, garlic and exercise have in common?

Answer: These are things that can help you boost your immune system.

Read our “Supercharge Your Immune System” report to learn other things you can do to strengthen your immune system and improve your overall wellness. Then follow the enclosed link to the original “Supercharge Your Immune System” video from health guru Gary Null.  Our report combines information from the video along with suggestions from other health experts. On the video, you’ll learn comprehensive strategies to follow and lifestyle changes you can make to feel healthier, more youthful and resist immune diseases like diabetes and cancer. You’ll see Gary interact with regular people on the street, engaged in a grocery store exercise, discuss topics with other health experts and speak with people who are reaping the rewards of living a healthier lifestyle.

Supercharge Your Immune System

Dementia Prevention Guide

While growing old (aging), is an inevitable part of life, no one says you can’t do it gracefully. And where is it written that just because you grow older that you have to be inflicted with Alzheimer’s or other form of dementia.

It may be true that eventually our mental sharpness and physical strength begin slowly to betray us, but there are plenty of examples of seniors with sharp minds and very active lives. You should not have to worry about depending on someone else, spending your time confined to a wheel chair or bed or your life ending prematurely due to illness.

If you pay it forward now and invest some energy in making the lifestyle changes suggested in our Dementia Prevention guide, you too can potentially reduce your risk of dementia and increase the overall quality of your life.

Dementia Prevention Guide

Natural Sleep Enhancement Guide

These days, many of us seem to be leading hectic lives, maybe working untold hours at odd times of the day trying to always stay connected  while pushing sleep way down on our list of priorities. And to keep going we may be doubling, tripling and more up on coffee, soda or the next great energy drink. And then wondering why we can’t fall or stay asleep later.

Sleep deprivation may be affecting more than just you’re your mood, concentration and job performance, it may secretly be ruining your health.

However, before you run down to the drugstore for a little over-the-counter or prescription strength relief and risk the potential side effects, you may want to explore some natural sleep enhancement techniques.

Using these techniques should allow you to get a restful sleep the way nature intended and bring some balance back to your life.


Natural Sleep Enhancement Guide

Lead Poisoning Quiz Report

If you thought children only got lead poisoning from chewing on a pencil, or thought that lead poisoning was a thing of the past, just browse through the news or do a search for recent toy recalls.

Lead poisoning, unfortunately, is alive and well and you might be amazed how much lead you are potentially exposed to. Take the quiz in our “Lead Poisoning Quiz report” and read the rest of the report to arm you with the knowledge to avoid and treat this preventable condition.

Lead Poisoning Quiz Report

What Really Causes Lupus?

Find Out What Really Causes Lupus.
In this report Dr. Gary explains in details the ins and outs of Lupus.

Find Out What Really Causes Lupus


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