Currently, medical researchers and professional do not know what the exact cause of the chronic autoimmune disease lupus is. Finding the cause of lupus is very important in order to better treat the disease. If the cause of lupus could be found, a cure could also start being developed. This is why a lot of medical researchers are looking into the cause of lupus, as well as what things could trigger lupus in the body. This vital information could help to increase the quality of life in lupus patients, and it could help to identify who is at risk for developing the disease early on.

While there is no exact cause of lupus known, researchers do have some hypotheses about why lupus may be caused and how it can be transmitted. One thing researchers believe is that lupus is hereditary. They think that it has a genetic link. This is an important discovery, as it can help to diagnose people earlier. If someone has lupus symptoms and they have a family member who also has the disease, it is more likely that they will test positive for lupus as well. This makes it easier to get treatment started as soon as possible.


Possible Cause of Lupus


There are some other reasons that people believe lupus could be caused or triggered in the body. Some of these reasons are environmental in nature. One cause could be the ultraviolet rays from the sun or from certain types of florescent light bulbs. This is known as photosensitivity. Too much exposure to this type of light can trigger lupus in the body, or it can cause a lupus flare up in someone who already has the disease. Medications that make a person more sensitive to the sunlight can also increase this environmental trigger. People should be aware of how much time they are spending in the sun and protect themselves accordingly.

Another cause that is being considered is having an infection or virus. Many medical professionals have noticed this is a common factor is people with lupus. The onset of an infection can trigger the start of lupus in the body. It too can trigger a flare up in someone who has already been diagnosed with lupus. If you are experiencing lupus symptoms and you have recently had a virus or infection, be sure to mention this to your doctor or other medical profession when being seen.


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