Currently, lupus is an autoimmune disease for which there is no cure. Finding a cure for lupus is the goal of many different lupus organizations and foundations, and they raise money specifically for this purpose. A lot of research is going into finding a SLE cure in our lifetime. While lupus is no longer as fatal as it once was, it is still a very frustrating disease that can be very debilitating. Finding a permanent cure for the disease would be a huge advance in medical research studies.

Lupus is a disease that most commonly affects women of childbearing age. However, it has been found in people of all genders and ages. It has a wide variety of different symptoms that can affect different parts of the body. Early symptoms of the disease include fatigue, skin rashes, widespread joint pain, weight changes, and hair loss. Anyone who experiences these symptoms should seek medical attention in order to get tested for lupus and other medical conditions. This is so that treatment can be started early. The earlier treatment is started, the sooner symptoms can be reduced and the less damage that will be done to the body by the disease.


How People Can Help Find an SLE Cure


There are many different ways that people can help organizations and foundations collect money in order to fund lupus research. The first step is to find a lupus organization that you feel comfortable supporting. It could be either a local organization or a foundation that has an online presence. It is important to make sure the organization is a legitimate one. Signs of a good organization are a well-organized website, reliable information, membership with other lupus organizations, and offering resources to patients with the disease. Most trustworthy organizations will also have a safe and secure way to donate right through their website.

Donating money through an organizations website is an easy way to help out. Many websites will have a way to donate with a credit or debit card. E-checks are also often available. Most websites allow the user to choose the amount to donate, and whether it will be a one-time donation, or if it should be a recurring donation. These donations will go to the organization, and they typically distribute this money to research endeavors and public means of helping patients with lupus.


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