Lupus is a condition where a person’s body is unable to distinguish between the antibodies and body tissue. It is vital to know how to test for Lupus due to the capability of this condition to make the organs fail. Lupus often leads to pain, swelling of joints and organ failure.


How to Diagnose or How to Know If You have Lupus?


Voice your concern to your doctor. The doctor will tell you how to test for Lupus. The first test will invariably be a urine test to check for large amounts of protein. If the results are similar to that of kidney disease, it could indicate Lupus. The next will be a scan to check your heart, lungs and abdomen to see if the linings are inflamed. If they are, further tests will be required to rule out other conditions. Next in line will be a blood test to check the Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells and platelets. If the numbers are low, it too indicates Lupus as the body is eating up its good cells. If there is swelling in the joints, tests to rule out arthritis will be needed. You should also talk to your doctor about you condition as he/she will be in a position to know if the symptoms are because of something else. If the doctor is sure of the condition, you will need to take steps to treat this. If not confirmed, your doctor may refer you to a specialist who will know how to test for Lupus in a more specialized manner. Very often, it is very difficult to narrow down this condition. The above tests are quite helpful if you are wondering how to know if you have Lupus.

Now that we know how to test for Lupus, there are some steps that can be followed to prevent this in the first place.

How to prevent lupus?

Building up the body’s immune systems plays a significant role in preventing Lupus. A healthy diet goes a long way by providing the body with the required nutrition which in turn builds up the immune system. Sufficient rest is a must in building the body’s resistance. When the body is at rest, it recoups by undergoing a process of strengthening itself. Our body is not designed to be still; it requires adequate movement. Regular exercise strengthens the body besides building up our immunity. While you may know how to test for Lupus, the old saying that prevention is better than cure is quite apt in this case.


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