There are many different organizations and foundations that are specifically focused on the autoimmune disease lupus. A lupus association serves a variety of functions in the local community as well as in the medical community. They will offer options for patients who have been diagnosed with lupus, their caregivers, their families and loved ones, and the medical professions who treat the disease. Most lupus associations will have a large website that includes a lot of up to date information about the disease for these people. This makes it easier for people to get the information they need quickly and easily, right from their own home.

Finding a local organization or lupus association can be as easy as searching for one in an Internet search engine. A search engine can give you a great starting point of lupus associations that are in your area. They may also give you links to lupus organizations are serve people internationally. Both types of associations can provide a lot of benefits. Local organization will have information about events you can attend. International organization will have more news information about research and treatments. Consider bookmarking any pages you like so that you don’t lose the organizations website in case you want to visit it again.


Donating to a Lupus Association


Most lupus foundations collect money in order to fund research that goes to finding new treatments and a potential cure for the disease. These organizations raise money in many different ways. One way is through events. These events are held locally, and people can learn more about them by visiting an association’s website. Some events can include parties, dinners or luncheons, charity bake sales, or walk-a-thons. These events are varied so that people of all different ages and background can attend and participate. These are typically known as “fundraisers” and they are held periodically, sometimes around different holidays or seasons so they can revolve around a specific theme.

People can also simply donate their money through the website. Most association or organization websites will have a “donate now” button. This button will take users to a page that allows them to make a debit or credit card donation. Some places will also take an eCheck. These types of donations are usually completely tax deductible. Most associations will also accept a check or a money order through the mail if people do not want to donate online.


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