There are a few Lupus Diet objectives to be mindful of when developing a plan to regain your quality of life. SLE Diet objectives should be to replenish your potassium levels, reduce your fever and nutrient losses, and to negate the effects that any steroid therapy may be having on your body.

Probably the most important consideration for any diet for lupus is that it is high in potassium. Lupus patients usually take Diuretics and Prednisone or other anti-inflammatory drugs as part of their treatment. Both of these types of drugs seriously deplete the body’s potassium levels.  Since potassium is so essential to so many of the body processes like nerve conduction, muscle contraction, and even control of the heartbeat, foods like bananas, melons, rice, milk, and all vegetables are essential parts of every diet lupus patients design for themselves.

Even those patients trying to avoid most drugs will take at least aspirin to control the extreme pain that can come even when breathing deeply. Aspirin depletes the body of vitamin A and B-Complex so eating whole grain cereals, breads, nuts, and any meats and potatoes meal with green leafy vegetables can be an easy yet very effective way to insure that your diet and lupus are not at odds with each other. It really comes down to eating what would normally be considered a healthy meal for any person and doesn’t have to be a strictly controlled diet for SLE alone.


The Best Diet for Lupus Patients is really the Best Diet for All of Us


Since lupus is at its core an inflammatory disease, foods that are known to cause inflammation should be avoided at all cost in any diet for lupus patients. Saturated fats should be avoided because they provide little nutritional value while raising cholesterol levels. Elevated cholesterol levels contribute to inflammation and should thus be avoided. Fried foods, creamy soups, processed meats, and commercially baked foods are examples of such foods that should not be part of the diet for people with lupus. But these are foods that aren’t healthy for anyone, let alone someone on a lupus diet regimen. So really so it all just comes back to eating a well-rounded and healthy diet.

Lupus is often associated with weight gains or losses that are unhealthy. The lupus diet, or SLE diet, should be one that has as its goal the maintenance of a healthy body weight. While exercise is certainly an important part of living symptom free, the best diet for lupus is really the best diet for all of us. You can consult your doctor if you need to adjust your diet to either gain or lose weight. But your diet will make an important contribution to the alleviation or even elimination of your symptoms, even though there is presently no known cure for the disease.


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