Anyone who is living with lupus can use more information about the disease. A good way to get information is by visiting the Lupus LA website. This website is the official site for the west coast division of the SLE Lupus Foundation. Their goal is to someday find a cure for lupus and to improve the overall quality of life for all people currently living with lupus. Their website is a great way for people living with lupus to find information about symptoms, treatment options, support groups, and more. Medical professionals can also use the site to keep up to date on what is going on in the medical field relating to the disease.

The “About Lupus” link is one of the most useful pages on the website. This page includes all kinds of different information about the disease. It is also available in Spanish. This page is going to be most beneficial to patients. It has a lot of tips on how to live with a chronic disease. Some of these tips are things that a patient would not be able to get from their regular medical professional, so it is a great resource to find at the website. The “About Lupus” section also includes medical information, such as symptoms, possible causes of the disease, getting a diagnosis, and what the different treatment plans are.


Lupus LA – Advancing SLE Research


One of Lupus LA’s biggest concerns is raising money for research purposes. Their goal is to find a cure for lupus, which is currently a chronic disease that can have long term disabling symptoms. They have been funding research for over forty years, helping medical research facilities come up with better, more effective treatments. They do fundraising to collect money for research, and they also promote clinical trials in order to help test the new treatments in order to get them approved for use.

To donate to Lupus LA and help them with their research cause, you can easily use their donate link on the webpage. Donations are tax deductible. Donations can be given as a memorial or a tribute to someone with the disease, or they can be given as is. They can also be given through an employer program, where a company will match the donation amount. Donating online is easily done through a debit or credit card. Proceeds can also be donated by purchasing items from the Lupus LA shop.


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