The different types of lupus may have different variants classified under them as well. One variant of discoid lupus erythematosus is lupus panniculitis, also known as lupus profundus. This condition can occur in people who have already been diagnosed with a type of lupus such as discoid lupus or cutaneous lupus, which are both types of lupus that affect the skin. This condition can occur in people of any age or gender, although it tends to occur in women more often. It can occur in the early or later stages of discoid or cutaneous lupus, so it can be unpredictable for the lupus patient and their doctor.

The symptoms of lupus panniculitis are typically visible. Lupus panniculitis symptoms are usually large nodules that typically occur on the face and scalp. These nodules occur directly under the skin in the underlying fat layer. They can be felt and typically seen, making them fairly easy to diagnose. These nodules are usually caused by inflammation, which is caused by the lupus disease. Once the disease kills the fat cells in the nodule, it leaves behind a dent in the skin. This can cause disfigurement in the body and can sometimes cause ulcers and other problems. Lupus patients with nodules should check in regularly with their doctor to monitor them and make sure they are not getting worse.


Treatment for Lupus Panniculitis


Lupus panniculitis treatment will vary depending on a variety of factors. Some of the factors include the patient’s age, the type of lupus they have, and how many nodules they have. The size and severity of the nodules will also be considered. Some lupus patients will continue to be treated by their regular physician, while others may be referred to a specialist such as a dermatologist. These doctors specialize in problems with the skin. They may have more knowledge about this particular condition that can occur in lupus patients and how to deal with the scarring after effects that occur when fat cells are destroyed.

Most medical professionals will start treatment by prescribing some type of anti inflammatory drug to help with the swelling of the nodules. This can help to keep them from growing as large. Starting this medicine as early as possible can help to reduce the possibility of having more nodules appear and it can reduce the appearance of scarring.