There are many different symptoms associated with the chronic autoimmune disease lupus. Some of these symptoms can affect a patient’s SLE sex life. These lupus sex problems can affects people of either gender who have the disease. There are many different ways that a person’s sex life can be affected by lupus, whether it is a direct cause of symptoms or if it is caused by medications. Whatever the cause may be, there are tips that can be used to help a patient with lupus improve their sex life and avoid some of the frustrating problems that can come along with having the autoimmune disease.

Symptoms are one of the main reasons that people with lupus could have problems with their sex life. Joint pain and swelling can be a reason a person is unable to have sex with their partner. This pain can make it difficult to engage in various physical activities. Another symptom that can cause problems is the overwhelming fatigue. Lupus patients can experience fatigue that is so great that they cannot perform routine daily activities, so this can factor in to their sex life as well.


Medications Affecting Lupus Sex Life


Certain prescription medications can also have various side effects that can affect a person’s side life. Some medication may lower a person’s libido, meaning they simply don’t have the urge to be sexually active as often anymore. Another side effect from certain medications could be erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness. These side effects could effect when a lupus patient is able to have sex. Some people also have feelings of anxiety or shame related to these side effects, which could affect their overall sex life. It can also be difficult for a lupus patient’s partner to know when it is ok to initiate sex or bring up the topic of sex.

Lupus medications can also cause hormonal changes in the body. This can lead to changes with weight. Other changes related to appearance can occur as well, such as hair loss, rashes, or scarring. Many patients with lupus may have trouble accepting the new changes to their body, and they may feel embarrassed or ashamed by them. This could affect why someone may be sexually unattractive and be having a lowered libido in relation to their illness.


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