For Toni Braxton, lupus continues to be a challenge to, not only her personal health, but also her professional and financial life. This grammy-award singer/ musician had battled with the decision to ‘come out of the closet’ with lupus – but in the end, she was relieved and she continues to inspire hope among those who are afflicted with this mysterious disease.

Lupus is classified as an autoimmune disorder. The immune system ‘over-reacts’ when it encounters a foreign invader, and begins to rapidly produce antibodies to destroy the toxins and attacks healthy tissues in the process. Research shows that lupus is genetically linked. Toni Braxton admits that lupus does run her family.


Toni Braxton Has Lupus, and Boldness.


No illness is glamorous, but the symptoms of lupus may be extremely detrimental to a celebrity. Skin rashes are typical and may be disfiguring. Toni Braxton has lupus but that does not seem to take away from her beauty and passion for life. Lupus may come with fatigue, low-grade fever, joint pain and inflammation of the kidneys and other organs of the body. Some people go on to lead normal lives with the right blend of treatments, and for others, the complications of lupus may cause death.

Braxton wanted to fully-disclose her condition to the public, as a survivor who takes a proactive role toward her health and healing, as she expressed to Billboard Magazine this year. When her fans began to ask ‘Does Toni Braxton have lupus?’, she boldly announced at an awareness event: ‘This is what lupus looks like.’ Although she exposed her disease, she also revealed her courage and fighting spirit.


Toni Braxton Does Have Lupus – And Victory!


Toni Braxton was honored at the 8th Annual Lupus LA Bag Ladies Luncheon where she was given the ‘Woman in Achievement Award.’ About 90% of those who suffer from lupus are women, so Braxton is really stepping up to bat for these women.

Braxton told The Chigago Holistic Health Examiner (Nov 2010) that her condition inspired her to study natural alternatives for lupus. She shared her story on how she was diagnosed with Lupus. She went on a natural colon cleanse and herbal regimen – and she switched to a wholesome diet. She told The Chicago Holistic Health Examiner that she ‘praises God for her health and the knowledge she gained in natural alternatives for Lupus which helped her avoid medications and all their side effects.’

The million or more people with lupus in this country are told there is no cure for the disease. However, there are those, who refuse to take that answer. Instead, they go and find a way to live well and to reclaim their health. Toni Braxton is a shining example to them, and to all of us, of ‘unbreakable’ courage in times of adversity.